fotografia de Luís Carmo para Parq

In an array of unexpected happenings everything around them is about to change. They know no more nor less than what the Universe has presented to them in their life path. Surrounded of green, brown and yellowish nature. During a sunny day, they take their horses out for a walk and find themselves in an intriguing moment. They see in the middle of the path what it seems to be a scintillant thing. It seems to shine brighter than the sun – an astonish Quartz Crystal. As they grab it, a mysterious warmth and a speechless connection begins. It is said that, after this fortunate and unforeseen encounter, their life has turned into a windfall.

Photo: Luis Carmo (@luis.carmmo), Styling: Andreia Oliveira (@lessensee_k), Model: Leonor Sousa (@_leonorsousaa_) (@centralmodels), Thanks to: Armgard Thill (@armgardthill)

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