Green Mirror is my 2023 collection, created with influences of advanced technology, the idea of the potentially hazardous consequences of singularity, and the reflection of how great technology is as seen in various episodes from the series Black Mirror.

The main idea for this project was to use garments classified as old, discarded, second-hand, or through hand-me-downs and give them a new life. For example, some of the garments re-used have come from family members and friends that wanted to get rid of their “old” clothing, nowadays in this society, we have instant gratification and consumerism problems, and the fashion industry is harming the environment, all of us have to take action one way or another. therefore, creating clothing out of “hand-me-downs” and using influences of the street culture, (for example, the streetwear’s play on volumes, shapes, and creativity) is one of the ways that upcycling can be done effectively while still being creative.

I wanted to create fashion without causing harm to anyone. Upcycling is a smart and creative way of creating unique fashion pieces. Upcycling is highlighting the things we loved about our previous piece, about trying new volumes
and shapes, about seeing the potential of the previous piece and making a better one!

To conclude, as beneficial technological advances can be for us, it is important to acknowledge the lack of circularity and efficient use of technology within the fashion industry and one way to do this is by upcycling. Green Mirror is a reflection of the fast fashion world we live in, it’s the opposite of it, and how we can turn it around if it’s not too late.

Ana Studio

Ana is a sustainable independent brand with a focus on circularity owned by me (Ana Teixeira), I graduated from Etic in 2021 and since then I have been focused on learning and combining my love for fashion and sustainability by upcycling products. One of our main goals as a brand is to raise awareness of the unsustainable environment that the
fashion industry has been a part of for too long. One of the ways we aim to do this is, through knowledge, reusing the preloved items that already exist on the planet and giving them the new life they deserve, as a brand we are aware that this is not always the solution however it is already a positive action towards the much-needed change.

Designer: Ana Teixeira @Ana__mmteixeira
Fotógrafo: Daniel Lino @_dlclphotograph_
Stylist: Valeria Balyuk @valeriabalyuk
Modelos: Shuenska Anouska Jantji @downtoearthsaj
Catarina Barbosa @_abarbs_
Eder Ceroni @ederceroni
Equipa de Produção: Sara Garrido @saracggarridofm
Jossyln da costa @josselyndesign_
Beatriz Correia @chvmpaqne